tirsdag den 26. april 2011

Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight Cover

Here's my cover for Christina Aguilera's single Not Myself Tonight from her 2010 album Bionic, it's nothing special.. i just wanted to try something different, hope you like it!


søndag den 24. april 2011

Britney Spears - He About To Lose Me Cover


My cover for Britney's beautiful song He About To Lose Me, i were just really going for a simplistic and raw look/felling, just like the song.. it's nothing special but i think it's worth to post, hope you like it!


fredag den 22. april 2011

mandag den 18. april 2011

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night Cover

Last Friday Night is easily one of my favorite songs on Katy's Teenage Dream album, and i just loved this promo of her.. soo, i had to make something! the cutting on the hair is as mess, but i kinda like it overall.. nothing special though.